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Magnificent Venice and the splendid Islands of the lagoon have never been closer, as are other cities of art in Veneto - Treviso, Padua, Verona and Lake Garda, Cortina and Dolomites – where art, history and landscape combine beautifully.

Here are some of the many opportunities available to those who book a holiday at the 4-star seafront Hotel Victoria.

Venice (20Km)

Venice : the Queen of the Adriatic, unique in its grandeur and artistic beauty within the lagoon, with its palaces, canals and romantic gondolas, is just a few miles from Lido di Jesolo.


The Lagoon of Venice contains the islands of:
- Murano Island is situated to the north east of the city, on the Murano channel. It is made up of seven smaller islets separated by canals, but connected by bridges to one another. Among the most important monuments are the church of Saints Mary and Donato in the Venetian-Byzantine stile, built in the VIIth Century and rebuilt in the XIIth, and the church of St. Peter, Martyr, constructed in the XV-XVI Cent., which houses paintings by Paulo Veronese and Giovanni Bellini. The island is world-famous for the production of blown glass.

- Burano is one of the inhabited islands of the Lagoon and is noted for the production of lace and for its typical brightly coloured houses. Not to be missed is Mazzorbo, with its secluded open spaces and wide views over the Lagoon. It also has a XIVth Cent. Church, St. Catherine, and a public park which has been created in the old cemetery and which is enclosed by an ancient wall.

- The island of Torcello is bounded on the south east by the Burano channel and to the north and east by the Rosa and Centrega salt marshes. It is the site of one of the oldest human settlements in the Lagoon, having been founded between the Vth and VIth centuries. The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption was rebuilt in its current form around the year one thousand. In front of the basilica is the so-called Throne of Attila and the Devil's Bridge, on the access canal, retains the original design, without parapets. For centuries the island of Sant Erasmo's points of contact have been San Francesco del Deserto and Burano on the one side and Treporti and Punta Sabbioni on the other; it is a spot where the tourism is predominantly local, domestic, non-invasive. After long years of abandonment and neglect, this green island of market gardens and vineyards has had its most important monument restored, the Tower of Maximilian. The adjacent beach, known as the "bacan", has also benefited from the restoration carried out in this part of the island


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Paladin-Bosco del Merlo Wineries are located between Veneto and Friuli, where the two regional cultures have melted together. A visit to the winery is highly recommended for anybody’s eager to relax in this fascinating world: Paladin family welcomes with great pleasure the wine lovers, and take them for a walk through the vineyards and a visit to the barrique cellar, charming premises where the wine matures and refines in precious
oak barrels.The meeting ends in the main hall, where the sommelier will let you taste the winery’s crus with a short tasting course, discovering techniques, perfumes and flavours formerly unknown.


Verona, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy, situated on the Adige River, about thirty kilometres East of Lake Garda. Verona is rich in monuments from all times, with special regard to the Roman and the Middle Ages.
To visit: the Basilica di San Zeno in Verona is considered one of Italy’s Romanesque masterpieces, the famous Arena, the most important open air opera stage in the world, "Romeo and Juliet’s balcony ", the inspiration for Shakespeare’s famous tragedy.


Trieste, between karst lands and sea.This is border country, with the Adriatic on one side and a stark karst promontory on the other. The land is characterised by the scents and colours of the Mediterranean maquis, intensified by the bracing air of the Bora wind. Trieste is a place that seems to embrace the sea, or rather, to welcome the sea into the heart of the city. Piazza dell'Unità is one of the loveliest and biggest sea-front city squares in the world.
To visit:

Treviso (40 Km)

Treviso, one of the most fascinating features of the Veneto region famous for its square, churches, mills, elegant shops and the market.


Padua, an old university city with an illustrious academic history. Better known as the city of St Anthony or as the economic capital of Veneto, it is rich in art and architecture.
It's known for the old centre (Piazza delle Erbe, Palace of Reason, Piazza dei Signori, Prato della Valle); the Cathedral, commissioned from Michelangelo in 1552, and its Baptistry; the famous Basilica, also known as “Il Santo”, one of Italy’s most popular pilgrim shrines that houses the remains of St Anthony.


Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy’s premier mountain resort, is exclusively positioned in the breathtaking UNESCO World Natural Heritage Dolomites, one of the most beautiful and unique alpine regions in the world.


Nestling in an enchanting hilly landscape, Asolo is one of the nest-known and loveliest villages in Italy. Called "the city of a hundred horizons" its charm exudes from the
beauty of the views from all directions. Works of great historical, artistic and cultural value, alleyways, mansions and arcades.
All in the city, they speak of an ages-old past and stand almost as if among the halls of a permanent exhibition, where you can admire nature's unique work combined with the genius of the human mind.
To see: Central Piazza Garibaldi with its sixteenth-century fountain, The Castle, Palazzo della Ragione, etc .. ( )


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Hotel agreement with Daytona Beach Jesolo 2016
Hotel agreement with Daytona Beach Jesolo 2016